Visuddhimagga IX-48

Vipulenātievamādipariyāyadassanato panettha puna mettāsahagatenāti vuttaṃ.


Ñ(IX,48): Endued with lovingkindness is said again here in order to introduce the synonyms beginning with abundant.

Yasmā vā ettha odhiso pharaṇe viya puna tathāsaddo itisaddo vā na vutto, tasmā puna mettāsahagatena cetasāti vuttaṃ.


Ñ: Or alternatively, endued with lovingkindness is repeated because the word 'likewise' or the word 'so' is not repeated here as it was in the case of the [preceding] specified pervasion.

Nigamavasena vā etaṃ vuttaṃ.


Ñ: Or alternatively, it is said as a way of concluding.

Vipulenāti ettha ca pharaṇavasena vipulatā daṭṭhabbā.


Ñ: And abundant should be regarded here as abundance in pervading.

Bhūmivasena pana etaṃ mahaggataṃ paguṇavasena ca appamāṇasattārammaṇavasena ca appamāṇaṃ,


Ñ: But it is exalted in plane [from the sensual-sphere plane to the fine-material-sphere plane], measureless through familiarity and through having measureless beings as its object,

byāpādapaccatthikappahānena averaṃ, domanassappahānato abyāpajjaṃ, niddukkhanti vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ: free from enmity through abandonment of ill will and hostility, and free from affliction through abandonment of grief; without suffering, is what is meant.

Ayaṃ mettāsahagatena cetasātiādinā nayena vuttāya vikubbanāya attho.


Ñ: This is the meaning of the versatility described in the way beginning 'With his heart endued with lovingkindness'.

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