Visuddhimagga IX-51

Sabbā itthiyo averā…pe… attānaṃ pariharantu, sabbe purisā, sabbe ariyā, sabbe anariyā, sabbe devā, sabbe manussā, sabbe vinipātikā averā…pe… pariharantūti imehi sattahākārehi odhisopharaṇā mettā cetovimutti veditabbā.


Ñ(IX,51): The mind-deliverance of lovingkindness is [practised] with specified pervasion in these seven ways: 'May all women be free from enmity, affliction and anxiety and live happily. May all men … all noble ones … all not noble ones … all deities … all human beings … all in states of loss be free from enmity, affliction and anxiety, and live happily' (Ps.ii,131).

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