Visuddhimagga IX-71

Nāssa aggi vā visaṃ vā satthaṃ vā kamatīti mettāvihārissa kāye uttarāya upāsikāya viya aggi vā, saṃyuttabhāṇakacūḷasivattherasseva visaṃ vā, saṃkiccasāmaṇerasseva satthaṃ vā na kamati, na pavisati.


Ñ(IX,71): Fire, poison and weapons do not affect him: they do not affect, do not enter into, the body of one who abides in lovingkindness, like the fire in the case of the lay woman devotee Uttarā (see Ch. XII, §34 and DhA.iii,310), like the poison in the case of the Saṃyutta reciter the Elder Cūḷa-Sīva, like the knife in the case of the novice Saṅkicca (see DhA.ii,249); they do not disturb the body, is what is meant.

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