Visuddhimagga IX-26

Tatrāyaṃ paccavekkhaṇānayo –


Ñ(IX,26): Here is the way of reviewing it:

ambho pabbajita, nanu te satthā pubbeva sambodhā anabhisambuddho bodhisattopi samāno cattāri asaṅkhyeyyāni kappasatasahassañca pāramiyo pūrayamāno tattha tattha vadhakesupi paccatthikesu cittaṃ nappadūsesi.


Ñ: 'Now you who have gone forth, is it not a fact that when your Master was a Bodhisatta before discovering full enlightenment, while he was still engaged in fulfilling the perfections during the four incalculable ages and a hundred thousand aeons, he did not allow hate to corrupt his mind even when his enemies tried to murder him on various occasions?

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