Visuddhimagga IX-36

248. Sace panassa evaṃ satthu pubbacaritaguṇaṃ paccavekkhatopi dīgharattaṃ kilesānaṃ dāsabyaṃ upagatassa neva taṃ paṭighaṃ vūpasammati,


Ñ(IX,36): But if, as he reviews the special qualities of the Master's former conduct, the resentment still does not subside in him, since he has long been used to the slavery of defilement,

athānena anamataggiyāni paccavekkhitabbāni.


Ñ: then he should review the suttas that deal with the beginninglessness [of the round of rebirths].

Tatra hi vuttaṃ –


Ñ: Here is what is said:

‘‘Na so, bhikkhave, satto sulabharūpo, yo na mātābhūtapubbo, yo na pitābhūtapubbo, yo na bhātā, yo na bhaginī, yo na putto, yo na dhītābhūtapubbā’’ti (saṃ. ni. 2.137-142).


Ñ: 'Bhikkhus, it is not easy to find a being who has not formerly been your mother … your father … your brother … your sister … your son … your daughter' (S.ii, 189-90).

Tasmā tasmiṃ puggale evaṃ cittaṃ uppādetabbaṃ,


Ñ: Consequently he should think about that person thus:

‘‘ayaṃ kira me atīte mātā hutvā dasamāse kucchiyā pariharitvā muttakarīsakheḷasiṅghāṇikādīni haricandanaṃ viya ajigucchamānā apanetvā ure naccāpentī aṅgena pariharamānā posesi,


Ñ: 'This person, it seems, as my mother in the past carried me in her womb for ten months and removed from me without disgust, as if it were yellow sandalwood, my urine, excrement, spittle, snot, etc., and played with me in her lap, and nourished me, carrying me about on her hip.

pitā hutvā ajapathasaṅkupathādīni gantvā vāṇijjaṃ payojayamāno mayhamatthāya jīvitampi pariccajitvā ubhatobyūḷhe saṅgāme pavisitvā nāvāya mahāsamuddaṃ pakkhanditvā aññāni ca dukkarāni karitvā ‘puttake posessāmī’ti tehi tehi upāyehi dhanaṃ saṃharitvā maṃ posesi.


Ñ: And this person as my father went by goat paths and paths set on piles, etc., to pursue the trade of merchant, and he risked his life for me by going into battle in double array, by sailing on the great ocean in ships and doing other difficult things, and he nourished me by bringing back wealth by one means or another thinking to feed his children.

Bhātā, bhaginī, putto, dhītā ca hutvāpi idañcidañcupakāraṃ akāsīti tatra me nappatirūpaṃ manaṃ padūsetu’’nti.


Ñ: And as my brother, sister, son, daughter, this person gave me such and such help. So it is unbecoming for me to harbour hate for him in my mind'.

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