Visuddhimagga IX-35

Na kevalañca etāneva, aññānipi mātuposakajātakādīsu anekāni acchariyāni akāsi.


Ñ(IX,35): 'And he performed not only these wonders but also many others too such as those told in the Mātuposaka Birth Story (Jā.iv,90).

Tassa te idāni sabbaññutaṃ pattaṃ sadevaloke kenaci appaṭisamakhantiguṇaṃ taṃ bhagavantaṃ satthāraṃ apadisato paṭighacittaṃ nāma uppādetuṃ ativiya ayuttaṃ appatirūpanti.


Ñ: Now it is in the highest degree improper and unbecoming to you to arouse thoughts of resentment, since you are emulating as your Master that Blessed One who reached omniscience and who has in the special quality of patience no equal in the world with its deities'.

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