Visuddhimagga IX-16

244. Tassevaṃ ghaṭayato vāyamato sace taṃ paṭighaṃ vūpasammati, iccetaṃ kusalaṃ.


Ñ(IX,16): If his resentment subsides when he strives and makes effort in this way, it is good.

No ce vūpasammati,


Ñ: If not,

atha yo yo dhammo tassa puggalassa vūpasanto hoti parisuddho, anussariyamāno pasādaṃ āvahati, taṃ taṃ anussaritvā āghāto paṭivinetabbo.


Ñ: then he should remove irritation by remembering some controlled and purified state in that person, which inspires confidence when remembered.

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