Visuddhimagga IX-3

Athevaṃ diṭṭhādīnavato dosato cittaṃ vivecanatthāya, viditānisaṃsāya ca khantiyā saṃyojanatthāya mettābhāvanā ārabhitabbā.


Ñ(IX,3): Thereupon he should embark upon the development of lovingkindness for the purpose of secluding the mind from hate seen as a danger and introducing it to patience known as an advantage.

Ārabhantena ca āditova puggalabhedo jānitabbo ‘‘imesu puggalesu mettā paṭhamaṃ na bhāvetabbā, imesu neva bhāvetabbā’’ti.

勤修(于慈)者应先了知「对此等人最初不应修慈,对此等人则绝对不应修慈」的人的差别。[PTS 296]

Ñ: But when he begins, he must know that some persons are of the wrong sort at the very beginning and that lovingkindness should be developed towards certain kinds of persons and not towards certain other kinds at first. [296]

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