Visuddhimagga IX-83

Tato paraṃ ‘‘pañcahākārehi anodhisopharaṇā sattahākārehi odhisopharaṇā dasahākārehi disāpharaṇā’’ti ayaṃ vikubbanā, ‘‘sukhaṃ supatī’’tiādayo ānisaṃsā ca mettāyaṃ vuttanayeneva veditabbāti.


Ñ(IX,83): After that, the versatility consisting in the unspecified pervasion in five ways, the specified pervasion in seven ways, and the directional pervasion in ten ways, and the advantages described as 'He sleeps in comfort', etc., should be understood in the same way as given under lovingkindness.

Ayaṃ karuṇābhāvanāya vitthārakathā.

这是详论悲的修习。[PTS 316]

Ñ: This is the detailed explanation of the development of compassion. [316]

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