Visuddhimagga IX-76

Uttarimappaṭivijjhantoti mettāsamāpattito uttariṃ arahattaṃ adhigantuṃ asakkonto ito cavitvā suttappabuddho viya brahmalokamupapajjatīti.


Ñ(IX,76): If he penetrates no higher: if he is unable to reach higher than the attainment of lovingkindness and attain Arahantship, then when he falls from this life, he reappears in the Brahmā-world as one who wakes up from sleep.

Ayaṃ mettābhāvanāyaṃ vitthārakathā.


Ñ: This is the detailed explanation of the development of lovingkindness.

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