Visuddhimagga IX-42

Tenāhu porāṇā –


Ñ: Hence the Ancients said:

‘‘Attani hitamajjhatte, ahite ca catubbidhe;

Yadā passati nānattaṃ, hitacittova pāṇinaṃ.

‘‘Na nikāmalābhī mettāya, kusalīti pavuccati;

Yadā catasso sīmāyo, sambhinnā honti bhikkhuno.

‘‘Samaṃ pharati mettāya, sabbalokaṃ sadevakaṃ;

Mahāviseso purimena, yassa sīmā na ñāyatī’’ti.







Ñ(IX,42): 'When he discriminates between

The four, that is himself, the dear,

The neutral, and the hostile one,

Then "skilled" is not the name he gets,

Nor "having amity at will",

But only "kindly towards beings".

'Now when a bhikkhu's barriers

Have all the four been broken down,

He treats with equal amity

The whole world with its deities;

Far more distinguished than the first

Is he who knows no barriers'.

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