Visuddhimagga IX-62

Na pāpakaṃ supinaṃ passatīti supinaṃ passantopi bhaddakameva supinaṃ passati, cetiyaṃ vandanto viya pūjaṃ karonto viya dhammaṃ suṇanto viya ca hoti. Yathā pana aññe attānaṃ corehi samparivāritaṃ viya vāḷehi upaddutaṃ viya papāte patantaṃ viya ca passanti, evaṃ pāpakaṃ supinaṃ na passati.


Ñ(IX,62): He dreams no evil dreams: when he sees dreams, he sees only auspicious ones, as though he were worshipping a shrine, as though he were making an offering, as though he were hearing the Dhamma. But he does not see evil dreams as others do, as though being surrounded by bandits, as though being threatened by wild beasts, as though falling into chasms (see Ch. XIV, n.45).

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