Visuddhimagga IX-85

Atippiyasahāyako pana siyā padaṭṭhānaṃ,


Ñ(IX,85): However, the very dear companion can be the proximate cause for it—

yo aṭṭhakathāyaṃ soṇḍasahāyoti vutto.


Ñ: one who in the commentaries is called a 'boon companion',

So hi muditamuditova hoti, paṭhamaṃ hasitvā pacchā katheti, tasmā so vā paṭhamaṃ muditāya pharitabbo.


Ñ: for he is constantly glad: he laughs first and speaks afterwards. So he should be the first to be pervaded with gladness.

Piyapuggalaṃ vā sukhitaṃ sajjitaṃ modamānaṃ disvā vā sutvā vā ‘‘modati vatāyaṃ satto, aho sādhu aho suṭṭhū’’ti muditā uppādetabbā.


Ñ: Or on seeing or hearing about a dear person being happy, cheerful and glad, gladness can be aroused thus: 'This being is indeed glad. How good, how excellent!'.

Imameva hi atthavasaṃ paṭicca vibhaṅge (vibha. 663) vuttaṃ ‘‘kathañca bhikkhu muditāsahagatena cetasā ekaṃ disaṃ pharitvā viharati? Seyyathāpi nāma ekaṃ puggalaṃ piyaṃ manāpaṃ disvā mudito assa, evameva sabbasatte muditāya pharatī’’ti.


Ñ: For this is what is referred to in the Vibhaṅga: 'And how does a bhikkhu dwell pervading one direction with his heart endued with gladness? Just as he would be glad on seeing a dear and beloved person, so he pervades all beings with gladness' (Vbh. 274).

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