Visuddhimagga IX-54

Pāṇanatāya pāṇā, assāsapassāsāyattavuttitāyāti attho.


Ñ(IX,54): Breathing things (pāṇa): so called because of their state of breathing (pāṇanatā); the meaning is, because their existence depends on in-breaths and out-breaths.

Bhūtattā bhūtā, saṃbhūtattā abhinibbattattāti attho.


Ñ: Creatures (bhūta): so called because of being (bhūtatta = becomeness); the meaning is, because of their being fully become (sambhūtatta), because of their being generated (abhinibbattatta).

Punti vuccati nirayo. Tasmiṃ galantīti puggalā, gacchantīti attho.


Ñ: Persons (puggalā): 'pum' is what hell is called; they fall (galanti) into that, is the meaning.

Attabhāvo vuccati sarīraṃ. Khandhapañcakameva vā, tamupādāya paññattimattasambhavato.


Ñ: Personality (attabhāva) is what the physical body is called; or it is just the pentad of aggregates, since it is actually only a concept derived from that pentad of aggregates.

Tasmiṃ attabhāve pariyāpannāti attabhāvapariyāpannā.


[What is referred to is] included (pariyāpanna) in that personality, thus it 'has a personality' (attabhāva-pariyāpanna).

Pariyāpannāti paricchinnā, antogadhāti attho.


Ñ: 'Included in' is delimited by; 'gone into' is the meaning.

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