Visuddhimagga IV-34

Tatra yadetaṃ upacārasamādhinā saddhiṃ paṭibhāganimittaṃ uppannaṃ, tassa uppādanaṃ nāma atidukkaraṃ.



Ñ(IV,34): The arousing of the counterpart sign, which arises together with access concentration, is very difficult.

Tasmā sace teneva pallaṅkena taṃ nimittaṃ vaḍḍhetvā appanaṃ adhigantuṃ sakkoti, sundaraṃ.


Ñ: Therefore if he is able to arrive at absorption in that same session by extending the sign, it is good.

No ce sakkoti, athānena taṃ nimittaṃ appamattena cakkavattigabbho viya rakkhitabbaṃ.


Ñ: If not, then he must guard the sign diligently as if it were the embryo of a Wheel-turning Monarch (World-ruler).

Evañhi –



Nimittaṃ rakkhato laddha-parihāni na vijjati;

Ārakkhamhi asantamhi, laddhaṃ laddhaṃ vinassati.





Ñ: So guard the sign, nor count the cost,

And what is gained will not be lost;

Who fails to have this guard maintained

Will lose each time what he has gained. [127]

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: 'the sign' is the counterpart sign.

Han: Mahāsī Sayādaw also called this the counterpart sign (paṭibhāganimitta).

The translation by Sayādaw of this verse is more simple and easily understood.

For the yogi who guards the paṭibhāganimitta that he has obtained, the paṭibhāganimitta will not be lost.

If the yogi does not guard the paṭibhāganimitta, then he will lose the paṭibhāganimitta each time he obtains.

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