Visuddhimagga IV-35


59. Tatrāyaṃ rakkhaṇavidhi –

[PTS 127] 这是守护的方法:

Ñ(IV,35): Herein, the way of guarding it is this:

Āvāso gocaro bhassaṃ, puggalo bhojanaṃ utu;

Iriyāpathoti sattete, asappāye vivajjaye.





Ñ: (1) Abode, (2) resort, (3) and speech, (4) and person,

(5) The food, (6) the climate, (7) and the posture—

Eschew these seven different kinds

Whenever found unsuitable.

Sappāye satta sevetha, evañhi paṭipajjato;

Nacireneva kālena, hoti kassaci appanā.




Ñ: But cultivate the suitable;

For one perchance so doing finds

He need not wait too long until

Absorption shall his wish fulfil.

Han: Mahāsī Sayādaw: "absorption" means appanā [jhāna].

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