Visuddhimagga IV-37

Gocaragāmo pana yo senāsanato uttarena vā dakkhiṇena vā nātidūre diyaḍḍhakosabbhantare hoti sulabhasampannabhikkho, so sappāyo. Viparīto asappāyo.


Ñ(IV,37): 2. An alms-resort village lying to the north or south of the lodging, not too far, within one kosa and a half, and where alms food is easily obtained, is suitable. The opposite kind is unsuitable.

Note in Chinese translation: 依注:一俱卢舍(kosa)半为三千弓,则一俱卢舍为二千弓。但也有说一俱卢舍为五百弓的。

Sayādaw U Sīlānanda: 'one kosa' is about 2 miles.

Han: The explanation by Mahāsī Sayādaw is more complicated.

He wrote: one kosa and half equals 600 times the length of a bow of 7 cubits, or 1050 times the length of a bow of 4 cubits. In ṭikā it is rounded off to 1000 times the length of a bow of 4 cubits. Taking one cubit equals half yard, one kosa and half will be 4000 cubits or 2000 yards.

Dict: kosa : a measure of length, (which is about 1.000 yards.).

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