Visuddhimagga IV-40

Bhojanaṃ pana kassaci madhuraṃ, kassaci ambilaṃ sappāyaṃ hoti.

[PTS 128]5)「食物」── 有人以甘的为适合,有的以酸的为适合。

Ñ(IV,40): 5. Food: Sweet food suits one, sour food another.

Utupi kassaci sīto, kassaci uṇho sappāyo hoti.

6)「时节」── 有人适于冷,有的适于热。

Ñ: 6. Climate: a cool climate suits one, a warm one another.

Tasmā yaṃ bhojanaṃ vā utuṃ vā sevantassa phāsu hoti, asamāhitaṃ vā cittaṃ samādhiyati, samāhitaṃ vā thirataraṃ hoti, taṃ bhojanaṃ so ca utu sappāyo. Itaraṃ bhojanaṃ itaro ca utu asappāyo.


Ñ: So when he finds that by using certain food or by living in a certain climate he is comfortable, or his unconcentrated mind becomes concentrated, or his concentrated mind becomes more so, then that food or that climate is suitable. Any other food or climate is unsuitable.

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