Visuddhimagga IV-44

Visade pana ajjhattikabāhire vatthumhi uppannesu cittacetasikesu ñāṇampi visadaṃ hoti parisuddhaṃ, parisuddhāni dīpakapallikavaṭṭitelāni nissāya uppannadīpasikhāya obhāso viya.


Ñ(IV,44): But when the internal and external bases are clean, then the knowledge in the consciousness and consciousness-concomitants that arise is clean and purified, like the light of a lamp's flame that arises with a purified lamp bowl, wick and oil as its support;

Parisuddhena ca ñāṇena saṅkhāre sammasato saṅkhārāpi vibhūtā honti, kammaṭṭhānamanuyuñjato kammaṭṭhānampi vuḍḍhiṃ virūḷhiṃ vepullaṃ gacchati.


Ñ: formations become evident to one who tries to comprehend them with purified knowledge, and as he devotes himself to his meditation subject, it comes to growth, increase and fulfilment.

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