Visuddhimagga IV-45

62. Indriyasamattapaṭipādanaṃ nāma saddhādīnaṃ indriyānaṃ samabhāvakaraṇaṃ.


Ñ(IV,45): 2. Maintaining balanced faculties is equalizing the [five] faculties of faith and the rest.

Sace hissa saddhindriyaṃ balavaṃ hoti itarāni mandāni, tato vīriyindriyaṃ paggahakiccaṃ, satindriyaṃ upaṭṭhānakiccaṃ, samādhindriyaṃ avikkhepakiccaṃ, paññindriyaṃ dassanakiccaṃ kātuṃ na sakkoti,


Ñ: For if his faith faculty is strong and the others weak, then the energy faculty cannot perform its function of exerting, the mindfulness faculty its function of establishing, the concentration faculty its function of not distracting, and the understanding faculty its function of seeing.

tasmā taṃ dhammasabhāvapaccavekkhaṇena vā yathā vā manasikaroto balavaṃ jātaṃ, tathā amanasikārena hāpetabbaṃ.


Ñ: So in that case the faith faculty should be modified either by reviewing the individual essences of the states [concerned, that is, the objects of attention] or by not giving [them] attention in the way in which the faith faculty became too strong.

Vakkalittheravatthu cettha nidassanaṃ.


Ñ: And this is illustrated by the story of the Elder Vakkali (S.iii,119).

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