Visuddhimagga IV-59

Tattha yathāssa passaddhiādayo uppannapubbā, taṃ ākāraṃ sallakkhetvā tesaṃ uppādanavasena pavattamanasikārova tīsupi padesu yoniso manasikāro nāma.


Ñ(IV,59): Herein wise attention given to the three instances is attention occurring in arousing tranquillity, etc., by observing the way in which they arose in him earlier.

Samathanimittanti ca samathassevetamadhivacanaṃ.


Ñ: The sign of serenity is a term for serenity itself,

Avikkhepaṭṭhena ca tasseva abyagganimittanti.


Ñ: and non-diversion is a term for that too in the sense of non-distraction.

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