Visuddhimagga IV-60

Apica satta dhammā passaddhisambojjhaṅgassa uppādāya saṃvattanti paṇītabhojanasevanatā,


Ñ(IV,60): There are, besides, seven things that lead to the arising of the tranquillity enlightenment factor: (i) using superior food,



Ñ: (ii) living in a good climate,



Ñ: (iii) maintaining a pleasant posture,



Ñ: (iv) keeping to the middle,

Dictionary: payoga : [m.] means; undertaking; action; practice; business.



Ñ: (v) avoidance of violent persons,



Ñ: (vi) cultivation of persons tranquil in body,



Ñ: (vii) resoluteness upon that [tranquillity].

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