Visuddhimagga IV-65

Asamāhitapuggalaparivajjanatā nāma nekkhammapaṭipadaṃ anāruḷhapubbānaṃ anekakiccapasutānaṃ vikkhittahadayānaṃ puggalānaṃ ārakā pariccāgo.

8)「远离无等持的人」── 即远舍于不曾增进出离之道,操作甚多事务而散乱于心的人。

Ñ(IV,65): 8. Avoidance of unconcentrated persons is keeping far away from persons who have never trodden the way of renunciation, who are busy with many affairs, and whose hearts are distracted.

Samāhitapuggalasevanatā nāma nekkhammapaṭipadaṃ paṭipannānaṃ samādhilābhīnaṃ puggalānaṃ kālena kālaṃ upasaṅkamanaṃ.

9)「亲近等持的人」── 实时时亲近行于出离之道而得于定的人。

Ñ: 9. Cultivation of concentrated persons is approaching periodically persons who have trodden the way of renunciation and obtained concentration.

Tadadhimuttatā nāma samādhiadhimuttatā samādhigarusamādhininnasamādhipoṇasamādhipabbhāratāti attho.

10)「倾心于彼」── 即倾心于定,尊重于定,趋于定,向于定,赴于定的意思。

Ñ: 10. Resoluteness upon that is the state of being resolute upon concentration; the meaning is, giving concentration importance, tending, leaning and inclining to concentration.

Evametaṃ dasavidhaṃ appanākosallaṃ sampādetabbaṃ.


Ñ: This is how the tenfold skill in concentration should be undertaken.

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