Visuddhimagga IV-69

Yathā ca yo catubyāmappamāṇaṃ makkaṭasuttamāharati, so cattāri sahassāni labhatīti raññā vutte eko achekapuriso vegena makkaṭasuttamākaḍḍhanto tahiṃ tahiṃ chindatiyeva.


Ñ(IV,69): Again when the king announces, 'Anyone who can draw out a spider's thread four fathoms long shall receive four thousand', one man who is too clever breaks the spider's thread here and there by pulling it hurriedly,

Aparo acheko chedanabhayā hatthena phusitumpi na visahati.


Ñ: and another who is not clever enough does not dare to touch it with his hand for fear of breaking it,

Cheko pana koṭito paṭṭhāya samena payogena daṇḍake vedhetvā āharitvā lābhaṃ labhati.


Ñ: but a clever man pulls it out starting from the end with a balanced effort, winds it on a stick, and so wins the prize.

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