Visuddhimagga IV-70

Yathā ca acheko niyāmako balavavāte laṅkāraṃ pūrento nāvaṃ videsaṃ pakkhandāpeti.

又如过于伶俐了的船长,[PTS 137] 在大风时,扬其满帆,竟被飘至异境去了。

Ñ(IV,70): Again, a too clever [137] skipper hoists full sails in a high wind and sends his ship adrift,

Aparo acheko mandavāte laṅkāraṃ oropento nāvaṃ tattheva ṭhapeti.


Ñ: and another, not clever enough skipper, lowers his sails in a light wind and remains where he is,

Cheko pana mandavāte laṅkāraṃ pūretvā balavavāte aḍḍhalaṅkāraṃ katvā sotthinā icchitaṭṭhānaṃ pāpuṇāti.


Ñ: but a clever skipper hoists full sails in a light wind, takes in half his sails in a high wind, and so arrives safely at his desired destination.

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