Visuddhimagga IV-71

Yathā ca yo telena achaḍḍento nāḷiṃ pūreti, so lābhaṃ labhatīti ācariyena antevāsikānaṃ vutte eko acheko lābhaluddho vegena pūrento telaṃ chaḍḍeti.


Ñ(IV,71): Again, when a teacher says, 'Anyone who fills the oil-tube without spilling any oil will win a prize', one who is too clever fills it hurriedly out of greed for the prize, and he spills the oil,

Aparo acheko telachaḍḍanabhayā āsiñcitumpi na visahati.


Ñ: and another who is not clever enough does not dare to pour the oil at all for fear of spilling it,

Cheko pana samena payogena pūretvā lābhaṃ labhati.


Ñ: but one who is clever fills it with a balanced effort and wins the prize.

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