Visuddhimagga IV-73

Imamatthaṃ sandhāya etaṃ vuttaṃ –


Ñ(IV,73): It was with reference to this meaning that it was said above:

Reṇumhi uppaladale, sutte nāvāya nāḷiyā;

Yathā madhukarādīnaṃ, pavatti sammavaṇṇitā.



Ñ: 'Well-controlled bees get the pollen;

Well-balanced efforts meet to treat

Leaves, thread, and ships, and oil-tubes too,

Gain thus, not otherwise, the prize.

Līnauddhatabhāvehi, mocayitvāna sabbaso;

Evaṃ nimittābhimukhaṃ, mānasaṃ paṭipādayeti.



Ñ: Let him set aside then this lax

Also this agitated state,

Steering here his mind at the sign

As the bee and the rest suggest'.

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