Visuddhimagga IV-76

Ābhidhammikagodattatthero pana ‘‘purimā purimā kusalā dhammā pacchimānaṃ pacchimānaṃ kusalānaṃ dhammānaṃ āsevanapaccayena paccayo’’ti (paṭṭhā. 1.1.12) imaṃ suttaṃ vatvā āsevanapaccayena pacchimo pacchimo dhammo balavā hoti, tasmā chaṭṭhepi sattamepi appanā hotīti āha,


Ñ(IV,76): But the Abhidhamma scholar, the Elder Godatta, quoted this text: 'Preceding profitable states are a condition, as repetition condition, for succeeding profitable states' (Ptn.1,5), adding, 'It is owing to the repetition condition that each succeeding state is strong, so there is absorption also in the sixth and seventh'.

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