Visuddhimagga IV-77

taṃ aṭṭhakathāsu ‘‘attano matimattaṃ therasseta’’nti vatvā paṭikkhittaṃ.


Ñ(IV,77): That is rejected by the commentaries with the remark that it is merely that elder's opinion,

Catutthapañcamesuyeva pana appanā hoti.


Ñ: adding that 'It is only either in the fourth or the fifth that there is absorption.

Parato javanaṃ patitaṃ nāma hoti, bhavaṅgassa āsannattāti vuttaṃ.


Ñ: Beyond that, impulsion lapses. It is said to do so because of nearness of the life-continuum'.

Tameva vicāretvā vuttattā na sakkā paṭikkhipituṃ.


Ñ: And that has been stated in this way after consideration, so it cannot be rejected.

Yathā hi puriso chinnapapātābhimukho dhāvanto ṭhātukāmopi pariyante pādaṃ katvā ṭhātuṃ na sakkoti papāte eva patati, evaṃ chaṭṭhe vā sattame vā appetuṃ na sakkoti, bhavaṅgassa āsannattā.


Ñ: For just as a man who is running towards a precipice and wants to stop cannot do so when he has his foot on the edge but falls over it, so there can be no fixing in absorption in the sixth or the seventh because of the nearness to the life-continuum.

Tasmā catutthapañcamesuyeva appanā hotīti veditabbā.


Ñ: That is why it should be understood that there is absorption only in the fourth or the fifth.

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