Visuddhimagga X-47

So taṃ santato manasikaronto pubbe vuttanayena taṃ paramasukhumaṃ appanāppattaṃ saññaṃ pāpuṇāti, yāya nevasaññīnāsaññī nāma hoti,

如前面所述的瑜伽者,因对无所有处定作意为寂静,[PTS 337] 得达那最细妙的安止定的想(即非想非非想),即以那样的想而名为非想非非想者,

Ñ(X,47): As he gives attention to it as 'peaceful' in the way already described, [337] he reaches the ultra-subtle absorbed perception in virtue of which he is called 'neither percipient nor non-percipient',

saṅkhārāvasesasamāpattiṃ bhāvetīti vuccati.


Ñ: and it is said of him that 'He develops the attainment with residual formations'.

Saṅkhārāvasesasamāpattinti accantasukhumabhāvappattasaṅkhāraṃ catutthāruppasamāpattiṃ.


Ñ: The attainment with residual formations is the fourth immaterial attainment whose formations have reached a state of extreme subtlety.

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