Visuddhimagga XI-20

301. Kathaṃ paripakkato?


Ñ(XI,20): 7. How as to what is cooked?

So tattakāyagginā paripakko samāno na suvaṇṇarajatādidhātuyo viya suvaṇṇarajatādibhāvaṃ upagacchati. Pheṇapupphuḷake pana muñcanto saṇhakaraṇiyaṃ pisitvā nāḷike pakkhittapaṇḍumattikā viya karīsabhāvaṃ upagantvā pakkāsayaṃ, muttabhāvaṃ upagantvā muttavatthiñca pūretīti evaṃ paripakkato paṭikkūlatā paccavekkhitabbā.


Ñ: When it has been completely cooked there by the bodily fires, it does not turn into gold, silver, etc., as the ores of gold, silver, etc., do [through smelting]. Instead, giving off froth and bubbles, it turns into excrement and fills the receptacle for digested food, like brown clay squeezed with a smoothing trowel and packed into a tube, and it turns into urine and fills the bladder. This is how repulsiveness should be reviewed as to what is cooked.

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