Visuddhimagga XI-44

Tassevaṃ vāyamamānassa nacireneva dhātuppabhedāvabhāsanapaññāpariggahito sabhāvadhammārammaṇattā appanaṃ appatto upacāramatto samādhi uppajjati.


Ñ(XI,44): As he makes effort in this way, it is not long before concentration arises in him, which is reinforced by understanding that illuminates the classification of the elements, and which is only access and does not reach absorption because it has states with individual essences as its object.

Ayaṃ saṅkhepato āgate catudhātuvavatthāne bhāvanānayo.


Ñ: This is the method of development when the definition of the elements is given in brief.

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