Visuddhimagga X-61

291. Evaṃ anupubbena paṇītapaṇītā cetā –


Ñ(X,61): And for the fact that each of them is finer than the last [there is this figure:]

Asucimhi maṇḍape laggo, eko tannissito paro;

Añño bahi anissāya, taṃ taṃ nissāya cāparo.

Ṭhito catūhi etehi, purisehi yathākkamaṃ;

Samānatāya ñātabbā, catassopi vibhāvinā.







Ñ: One hangs upon a tent that stands

On filth; on him another leans.

Outside a third not leaning stands,

Against the last another leans.

Between the four men and these states

The correspondence then is shown,

And so how each to each relates

Can by a man of wit be known.

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