Visuddhimagga XI-64

326. Antaṃ galavāṭakakarīsamaggapariyante sarīrabbhantare ṭhitaṃ.


Ñ(XI,64): Bowel is to be found inside the body extending from the base of the neck to the excrement passage.

Tattha yathā lohitadoṇikāya obhujitvā ṭhapite chinnasīsadhammanikaḷevare na lohitadoṇi jānāti mayi dhammanikaḷevaraṃ ṭhitanti.


Ñ: Herein, just as, when the carcase of a large beheaded rat snake is coiled up and put into a trough of blood, the red trough does not know 'A rat snake's carcase has been put in me',

Notes in Chinese translation: 蛇,兹依锡兰的僧伽罗字体本的dhammani译为蛇,底本用dhamani,则应译为静脉。

Napi dhammanikaḷevaraṃ jānāti ahaṃ lohitadoṇiyā ṭhitanti,


Ñ: nor does the rat snake's carcase know 'I am in a red trough',

evameva na sarīrabbhantaraṃ jānāti mayi antaṃ ṭhitanti.


Ñ: so too, the inside of the body does not know 'A bowel is in me',

Napi antaṃ jānāti ahaṃ sarīrabbhantare ṭhitanti.


Ñ: nor does the bowel know 'I am in a body'.

Aññamaññaṃ ābhogapaccavekkhaṇarahitā ete dhammā.


Ñ: These things are devoid of mutual concern and reviewing.

Iti antaṃ nāma imasmiṃ sarīre pāṭiyekko koṭṭhāso acetano abyākato suñño nissatto thaddho pathavīdhātūti.


Ñ: So what is called the b6wel is a particular component of this body, without thought, indeterminate, void, not a living being, rigid earth element.

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