Visuddhimagga XI-5

Taṃ āhāre paṭikkūlasaññaṃ bhāvetukāmena kammaṭṭhānaṃ uggahetvā uggahato ekapadampi avirajjhantena rahogatena paṭisallīnena asitapītakhāyitasāyitappabhede kabaḷīkārāhāre dasahākārehi paṭikkūlatā paccavekkhitabbā.

(食厌想的修法)欲求修习食厌想的人,(向阿阇黎)习取了业处之后,当对所学一句也不忘失,独居静处,对那吃的、饮的、咬的、[PTS 342] 尝的等类的段食,以十种行相而作厌恶的观察。

Ñ(XI,5): One who wants to develop that perception of repulsiveness in nutriment should learn the meditation subject and see that he has no uncertainty about even a single word of what he has learnt. Then he should go into solitary retreat and [342] review repulsiveness in ten aspects in the physical nutriment classified as what is eaten, drunk, chewed, and tasted,

Notes in Chinese translation: 十行相,《解脱道论》以五行相:一以经营,二以散用,三以处,四以流,五以聚。

Seyyathidaṃ, gamanato, pariyesanato, paribhogato, āsayato, nidhānato, aparipakkato, paripakkato, phalato, nissandato, sammakkhanatoti.


Ñ: that is to say, as to going, seeking, using, secretion, receptacle, what is uncooked (undigested), what is cooked (digested), fruit, outflow, and smearing.

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