Visuddhimagga X-52

Kiṃ panettha saññākiccanti?


Ñ(X,52): But in this context what is perception's function?

Ārammaṇasañjānanañceva vipassanāya ca visayabhāvaṃ upagantvā nibbidājananaṃ.

即想念所缘及(其所缘)成为观境之后(而对那境)生起厌离。[PTS 338]

Ñ: It is the perceiving of the object, and it is the production of dispassion if [that attainment and its object are] made the objective field of insight.

Dahanakiccamiva hi sukhodake tejodhātu sañjānanakiccaṃ pesā paṭuṃ kātuṃ na sakkoti.


Ñ: But it is not able to make the function of perceiving decisive, as the heat element in tepid water is not able to make the function of burning decisive;

Sesasamāpattīsu saññā viya vipassanāya visayabhāvaṃ upagantvā nibbidājananampi kātuṃ na sakkoti.


Ñ: and it is not able to produce dispassion by treatment of its objective field with insight in the way that perception is in the case of the other attainments.

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