Visuddhimagga XI-18

299. Kathaṃ nidhānato?


Ñ(XI,18): 5. How as to receptacle?

So imesu catūsu āsayesu aññatarena āsayena makkhito antoudaraṃ pavisitvā neva suvaṇṇabhājane na maṇirajatādibhājanesu nidhānaṃ gacchati.


Ñ: When it has gone inside the belly and is smeared with one of these secretions, then the receptacle it goes into is no gold dish or crystal or silver dish and so on.

Sace pana dasavassikena ajjhohariyati dasa vassāni adhotavaccakūpasadise okāse patiṭṭhahati.

如果吃了十岁饮食的孩子,则他的食物的贮藏处好像十年未洗的粪桶。[PTS 345]

Ñ: On the contrary, if it is swallowed by one ten years old, it finds itself in a place like a cesspit unwashed for ten years. [345]

Sace vīsa, tiṃsa, cattālīsa, paññāsa, saṭṭhi, sattati, asīti, navutivassikena, sace vassasatikena ajjhohariyati.


Ñ: If it is swallowed by one twenty years old, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety years old, if it is swallowed by one a hundred years old,

Vassasataṃ adhotavaccakūpasadise okāse patiṭṭhahatīti evaṃ nidhānato paṭikkūlatā paccavekkhitabbā.


Ñ: it finds itself in a place like a cesspit unwashed for a hundred years. This is how repulsiveness should be reviewed as to receptacle.

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