Visuddhimagga X-62

Tatrāyamatthayojanā –


Ñ(X,62): This is how the meaning should be construed.

asucimhi kira dese eko maṇḍapo,


Ñ: There was a tent in a dirty place, it seems.

atheko puriso āgantvā taṃ asuciṃ jigucchamāno taṃ maṇḍapaṃ hatthehi ālambitvā tattha laggo laggito viya aṭṭhāsi.


Ñ: Then a man arrived, and being disgusted with the dirt, he rested himself on the tent with his hands and remained as if hung or hanging on to it.

Athāparo āgantvā taṃ maṇḍape laggaṃ purisaṃ nissito.


Ñ: Then another man came and leant upon the man hanging on to the tent.

Athañño āgantvā cintesi ‘‘yo esa maṇḍapalaggo, yo ca tannissito, ubhopete duṭṭhitā. Dhuvo ca nesaṃ maṇḍapapapāte pāto, handāhaṃ bahiyeva tiṭṭhāmī’’ti.

又一人来想道:「那贴紧草蓬的人,这靠近他的人,两者所站之处都很坏,诚然草蓬倒时则他们亦倒,我现在站在外面」。[PTS 340]

Ñ: Then another man came and thought, 'The one who is hanging on to the tent and the one who is leaning upon him are both badly off, and if the tent falls they will certainly fall. I think I shall stand outside'. [340]

So tannissitaṃ anissāya bahiyeva aṭṭhāsi.


Ñ: So instead of leaning upon the one leaning upon the first, he remained outside.

Athāparo āgantvā maṇḍapalaggassa ca tannissitassa ca akhemabhāvaṃ cintetvā bahiṭṭhitañca suṭṭhitoti mantvā taṃ nissāya aṭṭhāsi.


Ñ: Then another arrived, and taking account of the insecurity of the one hanging on to the tent and the one leaning upon him, and fancying that the one standing outside was well placed, he stood leaning upon him.

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