Visuddhimagga XI-16

So evaṃ vicuṇṇitamakkhito taṅkhaṇaññeva antarahitavaṇṇagandhasaṅkhāraviseso suvānadoṇiyaṃ ṭhitasuvānavamathu viya paramajegucchabhāvaṃ upagacchati.


Ñ(XI,16): When thus mashed up and besmeared, this peculiar compound now destitute of the [original] colour and smell is reduced to a condition as utterly nauseating as a dog's vomit in a dog's trough.

Evarūpopi samāno cakkhussa āpāthaṃ atītattā ajjhoharitabbo hotīti evaṃ paribhogato paṭikkūlatā paccavekkhitabbā.


Ñ: Yet, notwithstanding that it is like this, it can still be swallowed because it is no longer in range of the eye's focus. This is how repulsiveness should be reviewed as to using.

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