Visuddhimagga XI-10

Iccetaṃ paccattharaṇādianekakuṇapapariyosānaṃ paṭikkūlaṃ āhārahetu akkamitabbañca daṭṭhabbañca ghāyitabbañca hoti.


Ñ(XI,10): So this repulsive [experience] beginning with the carpet that has to be trodden on and ending with the various kinds of carcases that have to be seen and smelt,

Aho vata bho paṭikkūlo āhāroti evaṃ gamanato paṭikkūlatā paccavekkhitabbā.


Ñ: [has to be undergone] for the sake of nutriment: 'Oh, nutriment is indeed a repulsive thing!'. This is how repulsiveness should be reviewed as to going.

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