Visuddhimagga XI-8

Anupubbena pana bodhiñca cetiyañca vanditvā vitakkamāḷake ṭhitena muttarāsisadisaṃ cetiyaṃ morapiñchakalāpamanoharaṃ bodhiṃ devavimānasampattisassirīkaṃ senāsanañca anapaloketvā evarūpaṃ nāma ramaṇīyaṃ padesaṃ piṭṭhito katvā āhārahetu gantabbaṃ bhavissatīti pakkamitvā gāmamaggaṃ paṭipannena khāṇukaṇṭakamaggopi udakavegabhinnavisamamaggopi daṭṭhabbo hoti.


Ñ(XI,8): In due course, after standing in the debating lodge when he has finished paying homage at the Enlightenment Tree and the shrine, he sets out thinking, 'Instead of looking at the shrine that is like a cluster of pearls, and the Enlightenment Tree that is as lovely as a bouquet of peacock's tail feathers, and the abode that is as fair as a god's palace, I must now turn my back on such a charming place and go abroad for the sake of food'; and on the way to the village, the view of a road of stumps and thorns and an uneven road broken up by the force of water awaits him.

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