Visuddhimagga XII-103

Ayaṃ panassa iddhi abhiññāpādakajjhānavaseneva ijjhati, natthettha kasiṇasamāpattiniyamo.


Ñ(XII,103): This supernormal power is successful simply through the jhāna that is made the basis for direct-knowledge; there is no special kasiṇa attainment here.

Vuttañhetaṃ paṭisambhidāyaṃ –


Ñ: For this is said in the Paṭisambhidā:

‘‘Imepi candimasūriye…pe… parimajjatīti idha so iddhimā cetovasippatto candimasūriye āvajjati, āvajjitvā ñāṇena adhiṭṭhāti – ‘hatthapāse hotū’ti. Hatthapāse hoti.


Ñ: ' "With his hand … so mighty and powerful": here this possessor of supernormal power who has attained mind mastery … adverts to the moon and sun. Having adverted, he resolves with knowledge: "Let it be within hand's reach". It is within hand's reach.

So nisinnako vā nipannako vā candimasūriye pāṇinā āmasati parāmasati parimajjati.


Ñ: Sitting or lying down, with his hand he touches, makes contact with, strokes the moon and sun.

Yathā manussā pakatiyā aniddhimanto kiñcideva rūpagataṃ hatthapāse āmasanti parāmasanti parimajjanti, evameva so iddhimā…pe… parimajjatī’’ti (paṭi. ma. 3.12).


Ñ: Just as men normally not possessed of supernormal power touch, make contact with, stroke, some material object within hand's reach, so this possessor of supernormal power, by his attaining of mental mastery, sitting or lying down, with his hands touches, makes contact with, strokes the moon and sun' (Ps.ii,298).

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