Visuddhimagga XII-56

Kāmañca esa attho evaṃ samāhite cittetiādināpi siddhoyeva,


Ñ(XII,56): Of course, this meaning is already established by the words 'When his concentrated mind', etc., too,

paṭhamajjhānādīnaṃ pana iddhiyā bhūmipādapadamūlabhāvadassanatthaṃ puna vutto.


Ñ: but it is stated again for the purpose of showing that the first jhāna, etc., are the three planes, bases (roads), steps, and roots, of success (to supernormal powers).

Purimo ca suttesu āgatanayo.


Ñ: And the first-mentioned method is the one given in the Suttas,

Ayaṃ paṭisambhidāyaṃ.


Ñ: but this is how it is given in the Paṭisambhidā.

Iti ubhayattha asammohatthampi puna vutto.


Ñ: So it is stated again for the purpose of avoiding confusion in each of the two instances.

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