Visuddhimagga XII-25

372. ‘‘Idha bhikkhu imamhā kāyā aññaṃ kāyaṃ abhinimmināti rūpiṃ manomaya’’nti (paṭi. ma. 3.14) iminā nayena āgatā iddhi sarīrabbhantare aññasseva manomayassa sarīrassa nipphattivasena pavattattā manomayā iddhi nāma.


Ñ(XII,25): (iii) That given in this way, 'Here a bhikkhu creates out of this body another body possessing visible form, mind-made' (Ps.ii,210), is called success as the mind-made (body) because it occurs as the production of another, mind-made, body inside the body.

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