Visuddhimagga XII-97

Na kevalañca gacchati, yaṃ yaṃ iriyāpathaṃ icchati, taṃ taṃ karoti.


Ñ(XII,97): And he not only goes, but he adopts whatever posture he wishes.

Na kevalañca pathavimeva karoti, maṇisuvaṇṇapabbatarukkhādīsupi yaṃ yaṃ icchati, taṃ taṃ vuttanayeneva āvajjitvā adhiṭṭhāti, yathādhiṭṭhitameva hoti.


Ñ: And not only earth, but whatever else [solid that] he wants such as gems, gold, rocks, trees, etc. he adverts to that and resolves, and it becomes as he resolves.

Tasseva ca taṃ udakaṃ pathavī hoti, sesajanassa udakameva, macchakacchapā ca udakakākādayo ca yathāruci vicaranti.


Ñ: And that water becomes earth only for him; it is water for anyone else. And fishes and turtles and water birds go about there as they like.

Sace panāyaṃ aññesampi manussānaṃ taṃ pathaviṃ kātuṃ icchati, karotiyeva.


Ñ: But if he wishes to make it earth for other people, he does so too.

Paricchinnakālātikkamena pana udakameva hoti.


Ñ: When the time determined has elapsed, it becomes water again.

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