Visuddhimagga XII-64

Satthā dutiyadivase jīvakassa gehaṃ agamāsi saddhiṃ bhikkhusaṅghena.


Ñ(XII,64): On the following day the Master went to Jīvaka's house together with the Community of Bhikkhus.

Atha dakkhiṇodakāvasāne yāguyā diyyamānāya hatthena pattaṃ pidahi.


Ñ: Then when the gruel was being given out at the end of the water-offering ceremony, he covered his bowl.

Jīvako kiṃ bhanteti pucchi.


Ñ: Jīvaka asked, 'What is it, venerable sir?'.

Vihāre eko bhikkhu atthīti.


Ñ: —'There is a bhikkhu at the monastery'.

So purisaṃ pesesi ‘‘gaccha, ayyaṃ gahetvā sīghaṃ ehī’’ti.


Ñ: He sent a man, telling him 'Go, and return quickly with the lord'.

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