Visuddhimagga XII-28

Saṃkiccattherassa pana gabbhagatasseva mātā kālamakāsi. Tassā citakaṃ āropetvā sūlehi vijjhitvā jhāpiyamānāya dārako sūlakoṭiyā akkhikūṭe pahāraṃ labhitvā saddaṃ akāsi. Tato dārako jīvatīti otāretvā kucchiṃ phāletvā dārakaṃ ayyikāya adaṃsu. So tāya paṭijaggito vuddhimanvāya pabbajitvā saha paṭisambhidāhi arahattaṃ pāpuṇi. Iti vuttanayeneva dārucitakāya arogabhāvo āyasmato saṃkiccassa ñāṇavipphārā iddhi nāma.


Ñ(XII,28): The Elder Saṃkicca's mother died while he was still in her womb. At the time of her cremation she was pierced by stakes and placed on a pyre. The infant received a wound on the corner of his eye from the point of a stake and made a sound. Then, thinking that the child must be alive, they took down the body and opened its belly. They gave the child to the grandmother. Under her care he grew up, and eventually he went forth and reached Arahantship together with the discriminations. So the venerable Saṃkicca's safe survival on the pyre is called 'success by intervention of knowledge' in the way just stated (see DhA.ii,240).

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