Visuddhimagga XII-104

Svāyaṃ yadi icchati gantvā parāmasituṃ, gantvā parāmasati, yadi pana idheva nisinnako vā nipannako vā parāmasitukāmo hoti, hatthapāse hotūti adhiṭṭhāti, adhiṭṭhānabalena vaṇṭā muttatālaphalaṃ viya āgantvā hatthapāse ṭhite vā parāmasati, hatthaṃ vā vaḍḍhetvā.


Ñ(XII,104): If he wants to go and touch them, he goes and touches them. But if he wants to touch them here sitting or lying down, he resolves: 'Let them be within hand's reach'. Then he either touches them as they stand within hand's reach when they have come by the power of the resolve like palmyra fruits loosed from their stalk, or he does so by enlarging his hand. But when he enlarges his hand,

Vaḍḍhentassa pana kiṃ upādiṇṇakaṃ vaḍḍhati, anupādiṇṇakanti? Upādiṇṇakaṃ nissāya anupādiṇṇakaṃ vaḍḍhati.


Ñ: does he enlarge what is clung to or what is not clung to? He enlarges what is not clung to supported by what is clung to.

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