Visuddhimagga XII-94

Na kevalañca ummujjanimujjameva, nhānapānamukhadhovanabhaṇḍakadhovanādīsu yaṃ yaṃ icchati, taṃ taṃ karoti.


Ñ(XII,94): And he does not only diving in and out, but whatever else he wants, such as bathing, drinking, mouth washing, washing of chattels, and so on.

Na kevalañca udakameva, sappitelamadhuphāṇitādīsupi yaṃ yaṃ icchati, taṃ taṃ idañcidañca ettakaṃ hotūti āvajjitvā parikammaṃ katvā adhiṭṭhahantassa yathādhiṭṭhitameva hoti.

不但化地为水而已,如欲作酥油蜜糖水等,念「这些成为这样,这些成为那样」,遍作(准备)之后而决意,[PTS 396] 便得成为他所决意的。

Ñ: And not only water, but there is whatever else (liquid that) he wants, such as ghee, oil, honey, molasses, and so on. When he does the preliminary work, after adverting thus, 'Let there be so much of this and this' and resolves, [396] it becomes as he resolved.

Uddharitvā bhājanagataṃ karontassa sappi sappimeva hoti.


Ñ: If he takes them and fills dishes with them, the ghee is only ghee,

Telādīni telādīniyeva.


Ñ: the oil, etc., only oil, etc.,

Udakaṃ udakameva.


Ñ: the water only water.

So tattha temitukāmova temeti, na temitukāmo na temeti.


Ñ: If he wants to be wetted by it, he is wetted, if he does not want to be wetted by it, he is not wetted.

Tasseva ca sā pathavī udakaṃ hoti sesajanassa pathavīyeva.


Ñ: And it is only for him that that earth becomes water, not for anyone else.

Tattha manussā pattikāpi gacchanti, yānādīhipi gacchanti, kasikammādīnipi karontiyeva.


Ñ: People go on it on foot and in vehicles, etc., and they do their ploughing, etc., there.

Sace panāyaṃ tesampi udakaṃ hotūti icchati, hotiyeva.


Ñ: But if he wishes, 'Let it be water for them too', it becomes water for them too.

Paricchinnakālaṃ pana atikkamitvā yaṃ pakatiyā ghaṭataḷākādīsu udakaṃ, taṃ ṭhapetvā avasesaṃ paricchinnaṭṭhānaṃ pathavīyeva hoti.


Ñ: When the time determined has elapsed, all the extent determined, except for water originally present in water pots, ponds, etc., becomes earth again.

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