Visuddhimagga XII-43

378. Vijjādharādīnaṃ vehāsagamanādikā pana vijjāmayā iddhi.


Ñ(XII,43): (ix) That beginning with travelling through the air in the case of masters of the sciences is success through the sciences,

Yathāha ‘‘katamā vijjāmayā iddhi? Vijjādharā vijjaṃ parijapitvā vehāsaṃ gacchanti. Ākāse antalikkhe hatthimpi dassenti…pe… vividhampi senābyūhaṃ dassentī’’ti (paṭi. ma. 3.18).


Ñ: according as it is said: 'What is success through the sciences? Masters of the sciences, having pronounced their scientific spells, travel through the air, and they show an elephant in space, in the sky … and they show a manifold military array' (Ps.ii,213).

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